Thursday, October 14, 2010

When Winter Comes

Can't feel the frost on my frozen toes,
Nothing, no light, no ephemeral glow
Lasting so briefly, but sweet and slow.
Oh, yet my heart feels so light and free!
So golden, so glorious, full of glee
That I gave no part of the whole of me.
I gave it to summer---no romance, no man
I gave it to spring with her ribbons of land
I gave it to autumn, be-speckled and tan.
When winter came nipping, I knew not its song
For I was engaged in the pure river throng,
The heavens and winds with their calm, cool tongues.
Free--I am free---bound by nothing, save God
Tied to no memory, freed by the sod...
Oh! Now my heart knows no rope and no rod.

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