Monday, October 24, 2011

Singing Lark

Merry, merry life,
Little singing lark,
Filling spring with life,
"Listen! Whisper! Hark!"
Whisper of the summer,
Budding in the green,
And the hope of winter,
With her crystal sheen.
Autumn, summer, winter,
Life within the spring
Seasons---"Hear the seasons!"
Sung within the green.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature's Comfort; Love's Deceit

My heart was loosed in silence,
My hands were bound by time,
The fetters of my ignorance
Seemed stagnant, yet sublime;
I caught them in my breathing
I etched them in the air
And somehow, in the silence
I saw my lovers there.
My innocence became my shame,
They knew my foolish mind,
But I, a creature of the earth
Was part of nature's kind,
A creature one with sky and sod,
Not used to lover's games,
A creature in the hand of God
With only brooks to blame.
Perhaps the wind deceived my heart
With whispers no one knew,
Perhaps it granted freedom's gains,
And dared to speak the truth,
Perhaps the only constant life
Was bright lights on the sea---
But I, made foolish by the world,
Should wise and broken be.