Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Better Things

Make room for little things,
The lovely things, the sweet good things,
The soft white rain in early dusk,
The butterfly in newborn spring.
Make room for little things,
Those things that soon will fade away;
The laughter that your child brings,
The baby cries that won't long stay.
Though the world is often bitter,
Sad with time and torn from peace;
Make room in your soul for better
Better things will never cease.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Should I seek the rocky shore,
Torn with the skeletons of the sea,
Ravaged by waves from the ocean floor,
Flecked with the blood from a coral tree;
I should find my soul's dust there,
Thrumming and throbbing within the skies
Spread over captain's nests and men
Laboring hard under light and tide.
Creatures scuttle through damp black homes,
No one remembers their island place;
Such is my mind in the churning foam;
A footprint in sand that leaves no trace.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rain Wolf

In a flash of light,
In a thunderous crash,
Against the rain's sharp lash;
His teeth a gleaming white,
His fur
A shade like bark
With flecks of night.
A single drop of glittering blood
Upon his tongue,
And on his claws, the sliding mud
From valleys, thickened with the flood.
What cave he came from,
No bird knows,
What mountain, ringed with diamond snows,
What creek he quenched his endless thirst...
Are only known by the grounds he cursed.
Pinnacles crumble, boulders slide;
But his bold black heart may never die.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Like silks in the air,
Like pods on the breeze,
Our final words
No eye can see.
The things we said,
Or never did
Are but the sun
When day has fled.
The clouds are dead
The hours gone,
I listen for
The notes of dawn.
I miss your heart,
The heart I knew
The dove that took
Its life and flew.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Power of the Star

A beacon of light; it brings one home,
A song perhaps for only some:
The innocent, the sweet, the still;
The patient on the thorny hill.
Pure sun, I know thee from afar,
Thy shining hair, thy gleaming star...
And in thine glow I lie my head,
A flawless, ample, burning bed.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year

Within the dim confines of a lost tomorrow,
The heart finds a home to hide its sorrow,
In bright gold lanes traced warmly with light
In songs that still linger from birds in flight.
Footsteps make patterns in snow from the past,
Cold things, and dead things, and things that don't last;
People and places ringed harshly in rain
Dreams that the mind views with crippling disdain.
Present paths twist through the soul like a thread,
Unread, unspoken; by consciences spread,
Lips meant for moving, smiles and frowns,
Rivelets or rivers, mountains or mounds.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The lights from the plains fade in and out,
They scurry through weeds dancing beams in the sun,
They seem to belay every memory and dream,
Every countless bright space, every stone mute and dumb.
The linnet is singing high up in the tree,
The bending white willow on banks thin with foam,
The meadows around her are shaken with white;
Red poppies are scattered in threads from the loam.
A violet is dead on the ripest of graves,
The lyrics of breezes blow steady and slow;
The darkness is coming, the last shadows running:
The final sounds drowned in the brook's tepid flow.

Friday, May 9, 2014

White Wings Silhouette

Oh, hope, white-winged, clear-eyed,
Burning with a dream that never dies,
Fresh-faced, pure with unnamed bliss;
Against the rocks your clarified dyes
Threw themselves, bloodied with full regard
Of what the world had lost.
From scorching eyes you let loose torrid streams,
The heat of such were blacked with hellish cost;
The ground seemed sighing with a sweet relief
When you had gone to change your bed.
Still---even now----the wind is warm;
Oh fading hope, so newly born, so newly dead.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Railroad in the Rain

The world is full of thick curtains of rain
Windows soaked and drooping,
Curtains sagged and bowing.
In the yard, a solitary train
Has stopped upon its tracks
Waiting for lightning to distance itself;
And the conductor breathes a thin breath
Into the moist air
One breath less
Then the soggy gray bird perched near.
Mud boots, cold shoes, thin pants, dim thoughts
Sitting in one car there
Waiting for the rain to end,
Looking out past track and bend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In the thin air, the darkness surrounds
Thick, encompassing, endless,
Save a single star of hope in the earth's revolving rounds,
An entity entirely friendless.
It is the brightest in a sea of velvet black,
It is the sharpest glitter in the deep,
It follows every shadowed crack,
A dream within the reaches of one's sleep.