Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Water's Kiss

Gentle river, flowing free
Empty to the splashing sea
Let your springs and gushing waves
Trickle through the mossy caves.
Gulls spread wings to sparkling skies
Throats the dawn's celestial dye
Feet against your whipping foam
Flying fast and heading home.
You, dear river, wend away
Turn the bank to blue from gray
Scent the air with chilly mist
Give the world a water's kiss.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Narrow Path

We are never far away
From the land that houses dawn
If we wander through the day
On a path untraveled on,
We will find it in the bay
And the river flowing free
Past the winding mountain's way
And the broken little bree.
It is heaven, in her form
With her soft, celestial lights
And her gentle touch of warmth
And her pure and calming nights,
Oh, and if we search, we'll find
All the dreams we dreamed before
In an angel's shining mind
And dear heaven's open door.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Will Come Again

The winter will be over soon,
A memory of snow and sleet,
An echo of a white monsoon
That flutters past the blooming week.
The birds will cease to hide their heads
The deer will turn a milky eye:
And men will rise from bundled beds
To see the triumph of the sky.
Despair is not fit for the spring,
And God ordains a calmer day
When linnets rise their golden wings
And hills begin their rushy play.
Soon the blue brook will be bright with sun,
And the rock will emerge from its coat of ice
Storms will one second be over and done,
So smile, and follow the bluebird's advice.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Flower

The heart is like a flower,
Its petals seem so frail,
And yet, when plucked and broken
They seem to furl and fail.
A flame can burn the petals,
A hand can crush the stalk,
And leave it bent and withered
Upon the garden's walk.
The seeds will drift in autumn,
In spring, will sprout again
The flower one thorn greater
From pruning of a 'friend'.
Each day a child ages,
Each day a maiden sighs,
The flower-heart gets weaker
And poorer grow its dyes,
But even in the winter
It dares to rise its head
A leafless little creature
But not yet fully dead.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Morning Star

I care not for a shiny moon,
That plate seems prone to die with dawn
I care not for the burning sun,
It, too, sparks once and then is gone;
But only one fair light stays still,
In dark or day, long-lost and far
Uncalled by those who worship sky:
The bright and secret morning star.
So is the life which knew no love,
The soul which knew no single worth
Eclipsed by lights with greater fame
And poor and pale upon the earth.
But God alone receives its beams,
And I, who bless its trepid heart,
Feeling within it part of me
Knowing I am that morning star.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Mysterious Hope

A distant light shines on the coast
You see it through the mist and frost
A golden glow, illumined by dawn
A place or point untraveled on.
The ships pass by, and do not see
The islet floating in the green
You, you alone can spot the crest
Of ferns that wave their feathered chests.
A gull lets wings skim over foam
And lands upon his dockyard home
The glitter of his eyes appear
To know a land of waters clear.
You watch the sea's soft ebb and flow
You see the boats that splash and row
And yet you keep on waiting there---
With half a wish, and half a prayer.