Monday, August 5, 2013


Far away, in an empty meadow
A doe stands, her back bathed in shadow,
Her head held high in a ray of sun.
Warm, dusky breaths leave her diluted nostrils,
The weeds flick against her legs
Hooves of raw brass and hide made of dun.
The pines alone behold her start
Out from the sheaves to a separate place
Leaving only a print in the falling dust
And a shivering stalk of Queen Anne's lace.

Friday, August 2, 2013


An island sat sleeping in the sun,
Its beaches white as palest dun,
Its emerald trees swept up by moss,
And perched in by an albatross.
The waves rushed on into the sea,
As if they touched eternity;
A beam of sunlight hit the sands
Their grains untouched by beast or man.
No ships appeared against its coast,
No sound except the dying notes
Of whales which swam within its bays
And hid by underwater caves.
The sky was clear, unaltered blue:
Against its chest, a parrot flew
And flashed its wing against the sun
Above the sands of palest dun.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wind Daughter

I wandered through the world---
How empty it seemed.
The breeze was blowing coldly against a silent willow tree.
A bluebird tilted his sky-bright throat,
Singing sweet things the cherubim wrote.
I wanted to be emptied into the shifting waters,
Flow on to the ocean, become the wave's daughter;
There was a longing within my heart,
That could never be touched or blown apart.