Friday, September 4, 2009

The Eternity of Poetry

"The poem...was a passing reminder, a breath from the divine lips of beauty, a nightingale between two worlds of dust."---E.M. Forster

Poetry is an expression which has been produced, procured, imagined, entertained, and been read for centuries. It has broken hearts; it has opened minds. It has written the way of the world upon the hearts of men, where other forms of artistry could not touch. The written word, combined with the cadence and beauty of poetry, has become a pure place within the weariest roads. We are attracted to songs because of their rhyme(find any, and you will notice either its beat or its similar word forms, evidence of poetry, even in the hardest rap.), and pulled towards paintings with symmetry, form, and grace. This is the beginning, and epitome, of poetry: that we will be drawn to the love of its base, which is goodness itself, and build from there with our own forms of its cornerstone.