Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Single Leaf

I saw a leaf, a single leaf,
Spin past the silent dale
And land upon the quiet chest
Of autumn's golden rail,
A single leaf, which heaven brought
To drift upon the shroud
Encased in other bits of rag
We call the copper cloud:
How sad it felt to view it there
Amongst the reds and rogue:
While summer moaned through fragrant woods
And threads of snowy blue---
How sorrowful my sunlit heart
In trepidation grew
To see the leaf go drifting down
Within the autumn's rue.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Between Skies and Sod

Could clouds present the golden sea?
Could sun imagine waves?
Could moon, in tidal heavens set
Be bought by ocean caves?
No---this is a world of separate place
And paling ocean strands:
The skies remain their own, and then
The seas claim frigates grand.
The heavens can't contain the blue
Of foam, or dolphin's tune:
As such, the flowing frothing waves
Do not encase the Bloom
That struggles vainly to the sun---
So thin, the line is drawn
'Tween earth, and sky, and crashing sea:
The differentiated lawns!