Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seething Sea

Can you feel the rhythm
In the speaking sea?
Flowing through the fairway
Rolling on the bree.
Sweet like lips of sunrise,
Calm like dreams of time,
Peridot of passion
Photograph sublime.
Lost---untethered madness
Lost---a breathing thing
Shining in its gladness
Burning when it sings.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Abandoned Barn

The sun caught its rays on the rafter,
It glistened in gold on the hay,
And a bird, with its voice full of laughter
Danced in glee on the mud and clay.
The buckwheat had dried on the stairway,
And the straw had grown old in the stall,
But in Summer the flowers grew brighter
To prepare for the stillness of Fall.
There were herbs in the pan by the doorway,
And a rabbit who lived in its shade;
And buckets of water from stormclouds
Which had formerly dripped on the glade.
The grain smelled like sugar and honey
And the harness still laid on a board;
In an place overgrown, soft and sunny
There sits beauty, in wilderness stored.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dim Day

I have touched the edge of a sweet refrain;
The lark's ascent in the chilling rain,
The sweetened song on his gentle tongue,
Shot with the lightning the heavens rung.
His wing like gold in the dark of night,
An angel of beauty, as dawn's delight;
No one believes me I saw him fly
Straight to the glory of God's great eye.
The gates swung wide, he touched their tip
He hovered on the edge of the shining lip;
It was there he hung: then he shot away;
Not a soul has beheld him since that dim day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Knowing the Almighty

Oh, for a heart that's pure as light,
And a soul that can live through the darkest night,
For a dream to survive in the raging sea,
And a love to endure, whether chained or free.
Oh, for a hope that will not fade,
For a joy that's as bright as the brightest jade,
For a peace that will pass every road or rule,
For a wisdom that knows neither fame nor fool.
Oh, for a spirit so sweet and true,
For a kindness that shines as the deepest blue,
For a goodness that shudders at whip or rod:
Oh, this we would know, if we just knew God.