Thursday, December 3, 2009

'The Swallow' Returns to Port

Twilight on the river,
Mist upon the sea,
Lanterns in 'the Swallow'
Shining on the lee.
Sailor in the crow's nest
Eyes against the snow:
Handkerchiefs are waving,
"Captain, won't you row?"
Closer draws the Swallow
Flakes stick to her hair
Tangled sails are twisted
Cracking in the air
Sailor in the crow's nest
Shields his eye and sees
Twilight on the dockyard
Lover on the lee.
Hear the cries of women
Shouting in the breeze!
See the snowflakes falling
'Cross the turning seas!
Clouds and sun are failing,
Frost steps down in pairs;
Yet---like linen snowflakes
Kerchiefs split the air.
Tears are gladly spilling,
Hearts, thanksgiving-blessed
Winter that was killing
Now is Happiness.

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