Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas Reminder for the Hopeless

The dark has headed through the rain
The bells shall never swing again,
They say that snow and sleet have won
They say the night has just begun;
But so the Jewish people thought
When all the roads came down to naught,
When women far, and women near
Bore no young Son, year after year,
When stars burned bright, but never shone
The peaceful path of golden-roan,
When men worked on, and slaughtered sheep
To save the sins that all men reap.
Then from the hopeless little maid
Who bared her village scorn and shame,
From rumors dark, and tongues of hate
There burst a light, so fair and great,
So grand, that all the doubts and fears
Were melted from the stooping years,
And bells of heav'n still sweetly say,
"There's hope: it's Christmastime today!"
When dark has headed through the rain,
When bells shall never swing again,
Look back, where dimmer hearts have glowed
And triumphed, through the 'sleet and snow'.

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