Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Shift in Feminine Dress

The entire entity of femininity has seemed to fade in the last few decades. We see women in low-cut tops and short-shorts, flaunting their 'stuff', and, in some cases, appearing like a man in their cut of clothing and style choices. There's something to be said about a woman remaining fascinating because of her modesty. It's different, it's soft, and it's...astonishing. With so many women and young girls trying to attract---yes, attract!---lust from men around them, it's like a shining sunbeam when a woman comes into the room with a skirt on and a beautifully patterned top.
It's difficult to dress modestly with the ads we're given, but the truth is, it's definitely more fulfilling in view of a woman's personal femininity. It gives her confidence, grace, and gentleness of spirit, all aspects which the Bible repeatedly promotes. It guards and exudes purity, and most of all, it takes to great lengths the passage which says, "In which you [children of God] shine like stars." (Within a crooked and depraved generation.) --Philippians 2:15
Frankly, it's difficult to see over the bulging bellies and tight pants to the Christ-toting tee shirt above. If Christian women are to put themselves into the golden service which calls them to meek and gentle living, then their clothing should show it as well.
Women in the Depression had limited clothing choices, yet we whine about the little amount of modest clothing out in the world today. Certainly, we have to look for it, but it's there. We have racks to choose from, cheap and not-so-cheap, we have the ability to learn how to sew and often the money to buy inexpensive fabric.
Put a flower in your hair once in a while and see how it makes you feel. Wear a skirt to the grocery store instead of jeans. Be bold. After all, we are women. (:
(Compare and contrast the two pictures above and tell me what you think. Which would you see as more feminine, which more unattractive and unnoticeable in the mobs of the rest of society? Aren't we supposed to separate ourselves from this generation?)


  1. This is certainly true. I hope you don't mind if I add your link to my blog. All style and shape aside, how can we abide the worsening blandness of these colors and fabrics!