Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I laid down in my bed, and then I thought,
"Why must others be blissful, and I am not?"
So I woke in the morning, with unknown joy
Determined not to aggravate, irk, or annoy.
I swept up my house from the floor to the rafter
I made all my friends stitch their sides with their laughter
I did every duty my list said I must
And then went to bed without frowning or fuss.
The morning that followed I woke with a cry,
"Why must others be happy when I'd like to die?"
So I rose from my bed dragging dirt in my wake
With an attitude angels could not even shake.
I sat on my couch, watching operas and men
And yelled at my dog when she growled again
I told every friend I'd come down with the flu
And did every task I was not meant to do.
When I crawled into bed I felt worse then the start,
So with better intentions inside of my heart
I fell asleep dwelling on a thought deep within,
"My attitude shapes every day I begin."

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