Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frozen Sea

Blue sea, blue sea, speak to the image of long-gone spring,
Hear all the memories of God's goodbyes
In the coming of winter that hearkens a sigh.
Heave just a little, and life goes away,
Lift both your hands to the saltwater spray,
Clutching its goodness, its paleness, its pain
Feeling the scorn of December's chilled rain.
Here comes the future, with banks ripe with snow,
The thick, floating chunks of the ice that you tow,
And the sense that the summer has left you in shame,
With only your blue baltic beauty to blame.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely a more somber poem. But at the sametime it captures the somber nature of the coming winter. Winter brings both cold and death. It almost reminds me of an absence of God's presence (except during Christmas), which to me is why the phrase "God's goodbyes" fits so well within the poem.
    I have always loved Summer and Fall, but always dread winter. So I really liked this poem because it kind of speaks of the aspects of winter that fill me with dread. =)But that same dread is also mixed with good feelings as well because winter also brings Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and in some lucky years... a Winter Wonderland. The ice storm of 2008 was a perfect example of that. Your poem on the outside has a somber feeling to it, but there is also an underlying sense of beauty that is subtily and masterfully mixed in.
    Again, well done Tabby! I really liked it! =)

    Michael M.