Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 100th Post

A hundred years the world may turn,
A hundred years exist,
But God alone will amply burn
Through time's ephemeral mists.
The mountains may dissolve to dust,
The seas resolve to snow,
But God remains in rock and rust,
And storms' recurring blows.
The gull may breathe his final breath,
The buck end all his days,
But God lives on, in life or death,
And shows his blessed ways.

To all of my readers:

Thank you for the opportunity to explore the world of poetry through How Faint the Whisper---100 posts later, I'm so grateful for the chance to share with you a tidbit of the journey I have had with God and His wonderful creation. I will definitely be continuing!




  1. August, I have a proposal for you that would give you some more publicity:
    I like your poetry a great deal, and am very impressed with your ability to write so much of it. I would like to host one of your poems on my new blog,
    Choose whichever poem you've written that you like best, or else write a new one; send it to me at, and I will post it on my blog along with a link to your blog.
    Would you consider linking to my blog on yours? Or allowing me to write something for yours? Even if you don't wish to do either of those, I would still like to host your poem. Let me know! :)

  2. Rachel---thank you so much for your proposal! I would love to write a poem for you. (: I will definitely be linking your blog on my site; if you would like to also write a poem or article for my blog, I would be glad to post it. I will be emailing you!

  3. You're poems are simply fantastic. Really. It's been a pleasure reading so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

    So far, this is one of my favorites. <3