Saturday, November 21, 2009

Humankind vs. Animals, Part 2

*Note: Please feel free to read Part 1, below, before continuing this post!
The object of debate in such study rises from the torment that we are merely a product, as well: one among many animals that will rise and fall, fade by the breeze, run the path, and then degenerate again. We may, truly, become heroes in our society or put concern upon some unaddressed issue--but why, if only to be scratched away by sands of time once more? We are left to the realization of starch, unlovely, unloved beings perhaps briefly considered by a length in the history of time, and destroyed entirely when our human counterparts have found no use in our entertainments or discoveries. We were conceived: we will die. We were flesh: we will become dust. We were someone: we will dance our way to the unknown grave, which no one wishes to follow us in to. Poor or rich, generous or lackluster in regard to poverty, virtuous or sinful: how does it matter how we live it?
From youth, these concepts of unintelligence barrage us with questioning all that seemed a hazy firmness in our minds. The leash of the cold, soon-to-fade existence is almost close to choking us with the faux reality that we are nothing more than a pack of animals---perhaps more numerous than some herds, but animals nonetheless---racing towards our own ends. There is some line that is still blurry in our scientific matters on the conscience and heart, though, and even the staunchest biologist cannot declare the reason for charity, or choice, in human's actions. Not only is the view of humans vs. animals very faulty in its ignorance of the complexity of humans, it is also a dismal prospect, as outlined in the depressing outlook of such reasoning. So why shall we live with such question marks of life, when all around us, Intelligence of a great God is visible in individuals---and more specifically, humans?

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